The Official Cooler of Planet Earth

Fewer problems, more fun.

Brrr Box is a 100-percent recyclable, biodegradable cooler made using the most modern technologies in corrugated cardboard packaging. Anyone who sells ice or beverages should stock Brrr Box for its ease of use, efficiency of stocking and environmental friendliness. This is the no-styrofoam, no-waste way to take your cold food and beverages on any adventure.

100% recyclable


Ships and merchandises flat

One inventory item

Socially responsible

Open and close with one hand 

Won’t leak or squeak


Made in the U.S.A 


BRRR Box LLC is committed to protecting the environment and supporting our troops. Five percent of all revenues are donated to charities that protect/clean up our environment and support our troops, split 50/50 between causes.